Sunday, 4 May 2014

Commission of Audit

Well the Federal Government has released it's 'Commission of Audit' Headed by a man ( Tony Shepherd) who attends Coalition fund raisers and has donated money to the Coalition and constituting other economic and social reactionaries including the likes of Amanda Vanstone. ( She is on record today as saying about a 'threat' to parliamentarian's VERY generous perks - "When you retire from work on a set package, you don't expect anyone to come along and change that set package." But she is very keen to start the process of dismantling Medicare, raising the retirement age to 70, slugging pension entitlements for the elderly and disabled and breaking Abbott's promises left right and centre.
Education is of course in the sights of the government pre-budget even before this far-right wish list was released.)
The Commission of Audit recommends winding back the commonwealth's responsibilities for schools, abolishing vocational education and turning our higher education system into a mirror image of the failed American system.
It also mirrors Pyne's decision NOT to proceed with the 5th-6th years of Gonski funding.( Their opposition to Gonski is nothing short of bizarre!) 
Slashing education funding as they will do in the budget might improve their financial bottom line ( although they can find $50 billion for an overdue and over rated American fighter plane) but what we will end up with is a dumber, poorer nation when really only knowledge industries can sustain greater wealth.We need to be the smart guys not the giant quarry like the government's big mining, big polluting buddies want us to be.
Interesting to see the state government ( Funnily enough they seem to have found billions of dollars lying around to spend on roads, bridges, train tracks etc after 3 years of massive public spending cuts) intends to build 11 new schools (in marginal or government held seats) There must be an election this year!
Happy May Day!
Happy Teacher Appreciation week ( in the US)
Happy Star Wars Day and Happy Press Freedom Day 

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