Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Trumpet of the Swan

The display board for some of our Captains Courageous work is below. We have started learning tasks for Danny Dunn. I finished reading Charlottes Web this morning and I've started reading Trumpet of the Swans ( EB White's third children's book) I've never read it before but I've enjoyed the first 2 chapters I read today.
 I've been asked about my Charlotte's Web/ Stuart Little learning tasks but I won't post them because they are quite old (some of if is handwritten!) and a mixture of my ideas and ideas from other people. I might put a few ideas together for The Trumpet of the Swan, I'll see how I go with a student teacher starting next week and reports to write. it might be a holidays task to do.

It was a wet day today and my student teachers worked inside with the kids. They did some fun co-operative games.

I try to involve the students with peer tutoring ( it is one of the bonuses of teaching in a one teacher rural school ) but usually it is just the senior kids involved with the little kids. Today I asked my grade one girl to do some group making work with farm animal counters. The preps loved it and I think she did too.

This prep student prefers to use rubber worms in farm paddocks ( that my grade 1 girl drew) rather than farm animals ! She should have used cows. We had another in today. The kids literally watched it jump over a one metre tall fence into our grounds and then jump out again! I'll see if one of the kids will take a photo of me shovelling cow manure over the fence again tomorrow!

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