Thursday, 1 May 2014

Busy 2 days

We've been hard at work over the last two days.
The grade 6 kids have been completing their tasks for Moby Dick. We're about half way through the book (They haven't encountered Moby Dick yet) and we have completed an advertisement for crew for the Pequod, the contents of a sailor's kit bag, a 'Y Chart' for the start of the Pequod's cruise and a gold doubloon and harpooner's oath to kill the whale. below are some images of their work.

Below are the ants the kids making fables created. they turned out well and were easy to make.

Our student teachers from Federation Uni started back again this week and the kids had loads of fun with them outside playing games.

Steve my tech guy was in today with some bad news. We have to find room for a new server and a bigger cabinet for it all. Of course our office isn't built for it so it will be expensive! massively inconvenient and time consuming to find room for it and still have space in my office.

The cold weather a has started ( already May!) and the kids spent time today inside on the old DS. Consoles and their iPads ( Some new apps they've been using are Blek, Duet and  Spider-Man 2)

The kids at work.

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