Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Autumn in Ballarat #1

Autumn around Sturt St. And Lake Wendouree

We had an eagle soaring around the paddock across the road from the school. It was hard to get a good picture ( and I didn't, but I tried) because it was so far away. After flying around for 15 minutes probably looking for mice and rabbits, it flew up into the high trees bordering the paddock.

The grade six kids finished their Moby Dick book boxes today and did a great job. I put them on our bookshelves as a display.
The grade 6 girls also finished their Pequod and Moby Dick picture and did a great job.( below) They completed a research task today to finish off the unit. I asked them to come up with five questions they wanted answered about whales. We found out a lot of interesting information. ( I didn't know we still had a whaling industry here in Australia as late as 1978) We found an excellent site - The New Bedford Whaling Museum which had lots of great information and it looks like a terrific place to visit.

The grade fours are finishing off their Stuart Little Diorama ( more photos tomorrow) 

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