Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pre- Budget

The Federal budget looms and more gloom and doom from the Abbott Government yesterday. Disabilities Services Minister Kevin Andrews ( Far right wing HR Nichols Society stalwart) announced 'the need' to cut pensions to disabled youth who he believes could or should work. ( They talk endlessly about us having to pay our way! That is why we pay taxes! Including a Medicare levy. the poor don't pay taxes and levies because they are.....poor! )
He wants them 'off the couch' and working. Rather than providing a 'helping hand' to disabled youth to get off the metaphorical couch they would rather tip them off! Punish not help.
Those who voted for the Abbott Government should already have realised that he has broken his promise about raising taxes, I wonder if they also realise they voted for dismantling Medicare, the Americanisation of our universities, an attack on the living wage, the doubling of the deficit, cutting aged pensions, watering down of environment laws ( the revenge of the climate change deniers) and reducing regulations. Lets not forget the inane billion dollar splurge on infrastructure. This is a very accurate glimpse of an Abbott inspired Aaustralia. 
This budget looks like it will mirror the Napthine state budget ( the illusion of infrastructure spending but not money invested in social capital.No money for social services, a hospital system under strain, No funding for emergency services or funding for state education.)
In an interesting article in the Guardian today Lenore Taylor raises doubts expressed by the Productivity Commission:
'There are many examples in Australia of poor project selection leading to highly inefficient outcomes. In such cases, investment in public infrastructure is a drain on the economy and tends to lower productivity and crowd out more efficient projects.'
Hockey and Corman were caught sucking on their Cuban cigars while contemplating massive pension cuts the other day. ( an image that might haunt this government) It will be interesting to see what damage they do to education and whether it is irreparable.

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