Monday, 7 March 2016

The Man in the Iron Mask

I started reading The Man in the Iron Mask today. It is a short abridged version so I should have it finished by Thursday. I won't read The Count of Monte Cristo this week, the kids might get too confused with the French names....I know I do.
We are starting to make 'iron masks' today. The kids have been given all the material they need to make something very imaginative so it will be interesting to see what they create.

Misty but humid day today.
We will also make a 3D Paris street scene picture. See below.

First of all I used water color paint to paint the background.
I then used a fine liner and sharpie to draw the front and sides of buildings and alleys that can be folded up.
I then cut it out, folded it and attached it to the background. I added smoke on the background from chimneys. You can also add a cathedral or the Bastile to the background.

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