Friday, 25 March 2016

Term one over

Well, it was a short term but a very busy one and one I'm glad to see over. For a variety of reasons it was very difficult, I hope it will be less so next term but I doubt it.
This term I read seven novels to the children as serials and we completed 2 significant literature themes. The first one was on classic Australian literature and the second on classic French literature featuring the works of Dumas and Hugo. I always enjoy our Australian theme which we start the year off with. This year I chose a Patricia Wrightson book as a serial which I enjoyed reading for personal nostalgic reasons as much as anything.
In History we studied the white settlement of Victoria and the establishment of Melbourne ( last year it was famous inland explorers and the year before that Australian islands) it was great to see some exhibits at the Melbourne Museum that linked into what we had been reading about, namely a replica of Batman's treaty with the aborigines that lived around the Yarra River as well as aboriginal artefacts from the era ( 1830s) we also studied a little French history through their landmarks, cities and rulers.
In science we looked at Australian megafauna and produced PowerPoint projects about them and hypothesised about their extinction. 
We also completed a multitude of art responses to our literature and history work. I've posted photos of this work on display during the term.
The grade 2s finished their study of fables and are now reading folk/ fairy tales. We also studied Gene Zion's Harry books, the Angus books and Curious George. We have also nearly finished a unit on dinosaurs ( Hence our excursion to IMAX and the Jurassic World exhibition. The latter also follows on from reading Jurassic Park and the Lost World last year. My grade 3 girl has also been busy studying traditional tales such as Aladdin. All children have been engaged in their own inquiry learning based on the literature they have studied.
Next term is shaping up as a busy one. We have an excursion for grade 6 in the first week ( More about that next term) We are also off to see Matilda as our major excursion for the term which should be fantastic. We also have school athletics sport in late April . This is the first time that we're doing sports with this group ( made up mostly of small schools we associate with) and I'm a bit nervous because there are events I'm not sure about ( I've never done triple jump before) and they are bit more 'serious' than our other sports group. We will need to see how we go, student feedback on it will be important.
We will be starting the term with Ivanhoe as our literature theme so we will also be looking at medieval history too. In Science we will be looking at insects and mini beasts and I have some interesting things to do in this unit. ( I hope in term 3 to have scientists from Monash University visit us again) We will have a major theme around ANZAC Day this year ( Remembrance Day last year) where I will be reading Carrie's War and either The Silver Sword or The Machine Gunners as serials. I also thought next term we might do a theme on the Brontes.
Next term we will start LOTE ( Japanese) for about 1 hour a week for term 2 or until we exhaust about 6-7 CRT days. Also we have had someone volunteer to do a little Italian for us next term. No pressure on them but that would be fun if they can do it, even if it is just a few sessions. Our grade 2s will also benefit from Alison Middleton coming back ( if you're reading this Alison, I will ring you after Easter!) to do some writing with them.They will continue work on folk/fairy tales.
I have finished the admin required at the start of each year ( AIP, PDP and Annual Report ) so admin wise it might be a bit quieter except for demands to be further involved in DET's new Network structure and the implementation of our new curriculum which they have been alarmingly quiet about so far this year. I have my own 'projects' to pursue this year as well. The recent PD I went to on reading comprehension was part of that. 
This year I am also keen to be more involved in my Network ( The Moorabool Network) the union ( AEU) and Gonski ( very important given the I knew Federal Election)  I'll also be keen to read the findings of the IBAC inquiry into high level department corruption and the Fiskville CFA Report.
I hope to have a break even for a few days these holidays but I have books to read for work ( I have never read Carries War and I should re-read Wuthering Heights. I also need to dust off my Insects unit, complete a unit on the Vietnam War for ANZAC Day) 
I also have quite a few chores at work to do including cleaning gutters, changing light bulbs, gardening, unblocking a drain and tidying up tree rubbish and old unused Cubbys from last year. ( I think about 5-6 days) 
It will be a busy term and a busy rest of 2016....I can't believe it's nearly April! I hope this term is less stressful at work and that we enjoy our learning.
My Easter reading ( minus books for work) ....oh and footy season starts this week. Go Bombers!

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