Thursday, 24 March 2016

End of term 1

We had a great last day of school today.  
We had paper mâché Easter eggs to finish from yesterday. We made Easter baskets which I topped up with chocolate eggs for them.( see bottom photo)
We had student teachers with us ( Caitlin and Lucy) who taught a triple jump clinic for the kids. They did a great job and they were jumping like naturals when they were finished.

We also made chocolates using melted chocolate buds and Easter molds. They turned out well and we put them into some little bags to take home.

When we were finished they were able to lick the spoons!

We had School Council after school today. We tabled our annual report and I was able to announce that we will start a Japanese 'taster' program next term. It has been a struggle to find a LOTE teacher able and willing to teach a short second language program here but we are able to provide one in term 2. We might also be able to provide another language as well this year and I will see if Allison can return to work with the early years students again in term 2.

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