Friday, 28 April 2017

Another Inquiry

Apparently, the Federal government has decided to inquire about rural education. (The National Party needs to look like they are doing something!)

I know what you are thinking….But we have had dozens of federal and state education department studies as well as studies undertaken by universities and others into rural education. Why should this be any different? Well…it probably won’t. But as a rural education inquiry junkie I see it as my duty to write another bloody submission. I did that on the last school holidays because the web site said submissions would be taken in April and a report would be out in August. I note that they have now changed that to May and a report at the end of the year.

This is all a bit mysterious. You wouldn’t know it was happening in ‘school land’. No information about it from the commonwealth or state or unions? I just stumbled on it. Anyway if you want to make a submission get onto the website (link below) and register to do that. Meanwhile I’ve decided to try and let as many people as possible know that they are seeking submissions. I wonder if their ‘public consultations’ will get to Ballarat? Below is the blurb from the website.

Commonwealth Department of Education website.


Country students will be the focus of an independent review into regional, rural and remote education. The review will consider the key challenges and barriers that impact on students’ learning outcomes, including transitions toward, and success regarding, further study, training and employment.

The review will be led by Emeritus Professor John Halsey of Flinders University.

The final report and recommendations will be provided to the Government by the end of 2017.

The review is part of the Turnbull Government’s election commitment to improve the education and preparation of country youth to develop into their best selves and fully participate in the 21st century economy.

  • On 2 March 2017, the Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, announced the appointment of Emeritus Professor John Halsey to lead the review.
    Professor Halsey commenced his career as a teacher and was a principal of two schools in South Australia. He has extensive knowledge and experience in rural and remote education and is passionate about the sustainability of rural schools and communities. Read more about Professor Halsey.
    The review will consider the educational outcomes of regional, rural and remote students and recommend new, different and innovative ways in which the Government can support these students to succeed in school and in their transition to further study, training and employment.
    Read more about the Terms of Reference.
    Public Submissions
    The review would like to hear your stories and feedback about regional, rural and remote education – what’s working, fresh ideas and innovative solutions.
    A discussion paper and online platform for public submissions will become available from May 2017.
    You will be invited to put forward fresh ideas on new solutions to tackle the issues identified in the discussion paper as well as existing or emerging innovative approaches to support regional, rural and remote students.
    Information for providing submissions will be available on this web page.
    Please register your interest to be informed when public submissions open.
    Stakeholder Consultations
    Building on the findings of the public submissions, Professor Halsey will lead face-to-face consultations during July and August 2017 with the breadth of organisations, institutions and people passionate about regional, rural and remote education. These will include representatives from the education community, families, employer groups and the philanthropic sector.
    The final report and recommendations will be provided to the Government by the end of 2017.

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