Saturday, 5 May 2018


John Burningham

This is a literature unit for John Burningham's most popular works such as Avocado Baby and The Gumpy books Full of fun things to do and lots of learning ideas and activities. Have a great time with it and his terrific book
The Tinder Box

Some fun (hopefully) learning activities for Andersen's The Tinder-Box....because I couldn't find any. (Make your own if you can't find it and put it on TPT)
Curious George

I created my first Curious George back in the 80s, all hand written and drawn back then. I reworked it a few years back when a movie version came out and gave it a reboot just recently.....sadly, the file became 'corrupt'....don't ask me how! and I didn't back it up, in fact I deleted old versions!! anyway, after lots of swearing I pieced some resources together and here it is. Its free.

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