Friday, 22 February 2019

Well done Canberra

Chaplains will be banned from Canberra's public schools from the end of the year in a move that goes beyond federal Labor policy to allow a choice of religious or secular workers.

Key points:

  • No more chaplains will be allowed to work in Canberra public schools from next year
  • Those currently employed will be forced to work in a secular capacity
  • The ACT's chaplain community has condemned the move

The School Chaplaincy community has slammed the decision, saying it is "removing choice from parents", and it is "ludicrous" to keep current chaplains on in non-secular roles.

The ACT's Education Minister, Yvette Berry, said on Friday there would be "no more chaplains in ACT government schools" after a decision to end the National School Chaplaincy Program in public schools after 2019.

Currently, the territory's schools can voluntarily opt in to the federal program, which provides up to $20,000 in funding for chaplains.

However, under the Coalition Government the workers must have a religious affiliation.

Ms Berry said the ACT education act mandated that the territory's public education sector was secular.

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