Thursday, 16 January 2014


I thought I wouldn't be writing on the blog for another week or so but as I've already been up at school 5 of the last 8 days, I may as well start up again for 2014 now.
After nearly 2 weeks of no school at all I've been back re-organising the classroom, developing new resources for our new prep/foundation students ( 3 this year) and today, cleaning up inside and out. There is a lot of admin to do prior to the start of any school year and this year is no different. I'll be starting on that next week. Next Thursday I'll be attending a Regional Director's Meeting in Ballarat ( the first time one has been held during the holidays. It will be interesting to see how many principals turn up) This term ( as I've done at the start of every year) we will start with an Australian theme. Last year we read The Riddle of the Trumpalar and completed a history unit on the early colonisation of Australia. This year we will be studying Australian Islands ( Norfolk Island, Torres Strait islands and King Island. We will also look at two of Australia's Island neighbours, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.) My first serial will be Nan Chauncy's They Found a Cave. ( I'll post my unit plan for this book on TPT over the weekend.)
Below are some photos I took at work today which shows how dry it is at school and in the surrounding paddocks.We have a heat wave at the moment (+40 degree days over the last 4 days)

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