Wednesday, 29 January 2014

First full day back

Today was the first full day back for all students.It was good to see the kids back and also the new children on their first full day of school. The foundation children worked on their 'First day of school'booklet- as much a keepsake as anything.It will be interesting for them to revisit it later in the year to hopefully see how much they've progressed. It was worth reminding my prep student last year how little she knew or was able to do at the start of the year and how much she could do at the end of the year. I've sat my grade 6 and 4 girls on a table by themselves as a treat this year. I think they'll enjoy the independence and the grade 6 girls in particular will love the opportunity to step up and show some leadership in the school.
Below and above are some photos of the three foundation children working on their first Day of School booklet and playing with some of our construction materials.

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