Saturday, 18 March 2017

Penalty rates

As someone who works very hard and very long hours for relatively good pay I am in full sympathy with those who work very long hours, often multiple jobs for very low pay who are now facing due to this grubby government a substantial pay cut! I worked as a barman in college so I know what the work is like and I support the cause of protecting hard won penalty rates. 
Many parents at Glen Park over the years have depended on penalty rates. The fact that we are a school that doesn't ask for fees helps them. I also support the new ACTU Secretaries comments that in industrial matters and human rights matters some laws are wrong and should be disobeyed. 
Teachers all over the world strike for better pay and conditions for themselves and their students and often at great personal risk. There is also a history of prominent people (Gandhi, King, Parks, Mandela,Pankhurst and many others) fighting unjust and cruel laws.
Some 'terrible' ways the union movement have broken the law.....and made Australia a better country because of it:
* 1856, Victorian stonemasons down their tools + march to Parliament House 
- Win 8 hour work day
- (illegal!)
*1938, Waterside Workers’ Federation members refuse to ship iron to Japan. 
- (illegal)
* in 1970s, Builders Labourers Foundation members enforce green bans - refuse to knock down working class neighbourhoods in Sydney.
1976, Seaman’s Union of Australia enforce oil boycott and waterfront ban against the South African apartheid regime. 
- (super illegal!)
And this issue has a special place in Australian history as these martyrs were transported to Australia.
Today in 1834 six farm labourers from Tolpuddle, Dorset, England are sentenced to be transported to Australia for forming a trade union.

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