Monday, 13 March 2017

Curriculum Day

Moorabool Collegiate Group
Joint curriculum day
14th March
Michael Ymer
Main presentation

Michael talked a lot about the art of story telling in mathematics.
We discussed using  different strategies to solve a simple percentage problem.
We discussed swapping around percentage tasks to find the easiest equation.
7% of $50
50% of $7.00
One in five people just 'get' Maths.
Numeracy is the applying mathematics to a concept.connecting maths to something authentic.( make it relevant) Mathematics is abstract and theoretical Use digital photos of maths concepts.
88% of maths is estimation.
Michael emphasised that as teachers we have a responsibility to help children to become good mathematicians. Good mathematicians solve problems, design things and investigate and research. While learning what it is like to be a mathematician children need to be involved in activities that will encourage them to guess, investigate, gather data, infer from the data and then express their knowledge. They should also be involved in suggesting improvements and designing new ways of doing things.
We completed a variety of games and activities using his methods of organisation and instruction.
This was a very successful and positive day.
Photos from the Curriculum Day

Apprenticeships down 45% since 2012. TAFE NSW enrolments down 126,000 in same period. 5100 qualified TAFE teachers sacked. Coincidence?
This is a crime committed by state and federal Liberal.

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