Monday, 2 October 2017

Day 3 up at school

This is my third full day up at school. I have another day, Thursday and a cleaning day but that should be it. I updated my Sleepy Hollow unit with Halloween a few weeks away, made a display for the Canterville Ghost and finished the unit and updated my Captsin Underpants unit.
 I also took down our Nursery Rhymes display and got a fables display organised. Outside I weeded one of our garden beds and shifted the barkchips ready for Wayne to mow on Thursday. It was a long day but I'm feeling much better than I did during September and the sun and our tulips were out!
Our unit to start term 4 will be The Canterville Ghost and The Children of Green Knowe.
Barkchips spread 
Black cockatoos
All ready for planting this term!

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