Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My unit plans on the University of Queensland Australian Literature site

I am honoured to have my Australian Children's literature units on the Queensland University AustLit site. I have the following units on there:
  • Ash Road
  • The Vanishings and Out of the Blue
  • Beyond the Dusk
  • Climb A Lonely Hill
  • Gary Crew unit
  • Patterson's Track
  • the Silver Brumby
  • The Boundary Riders
  • Picnic At Hanging Rock
  • The Bush Bandits
  • They Found a Cave
  • and A Little Fear
and I hope to add more including The True Story of Specky MacGee , A Little Bush Maid and others if they have room.
A big thank you to Dr Catriona Mills Senior researcher and Indexer at the QU School of Communications and Arts for doing such a fantastic job of creating the site which you can access at this address:

Blurb from the site:

Missing children.
Vast spaces.
Supernatural mysteries.
Wild creatures.
Australian children's literature has always carried within itself a sense of how small a child is against the impenetrable wilderness, how the country is rich with hidden spaces, how the landscape can turn savage seemingly in an instant.
Anthony Shaw has over thirty years' teaching experience, twenty three of those years as a teaching principal in small rural schools. Passionate in his support for rural education and state schools and a keen advocate for using classic fiction in the primary classroom, he has built these resources (and more) as a way of introducing learning activities that encourage creativity and curiosity.
Now, in keeping with his support for the heritage and diversity of classic Australian children's fiction, he has kindly offered a selection of his lesson plans to AustLit, so that we can offer them to you.
These lesson plans offer a range of exercises: puzzles, comprehension tests, story mapping, artworks, creative-writing tasks, and more.
Each is available in a convenient PDF that you can download and take straight into the classroom.
Click on the tile of your choice below for more information about the novel and to download the PDF lesson plans.

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