Saturday, 25 November 2017


I'm currently updated some units on TPT and I should have them ready to go up in my store before Christmas. I also have a new 'Ramose' unit that is being developed as I use it. I wondered why sales had dropped off over the last week or so. The worst kept secret ever, thanks TPT , is that there is a 20% off sale coming up starting tomorrow I think. Anyway. Below is a promotional banner for it.
Next week we will be working on the Ramose books ( currently reading number 3) and working on graphic novels/ comics with grade 2 ( Two FREE units on TPT for that. Got lovely feedback the other day from a teacher in Argentina which was great.) Folk tales with grade 2 ( that unit will be updated) and Fables with Preps ( another unit to update) I've also added some more to Sleepy Hollow now I'm finished with it for 2018 buyers.
One more week of November then the hectic run up to Christmas.

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