Friday, 26 September 2014

Grand Final Day

Grand Final day in the AFL today. It is becoming a big day ( Like the Super Bowl in the US ) with lots of parties and gatherings with a football theme. ( Ballarat is very quiet today)  It's surprising how many people I saw in town this morning wearing their football colors. Apparently it doesn't matter if your team isn't playing. I must be a party pooper because I can't get too excited if my team isn't involved. I'll still watch it on TV when I get home.
I popped up early today to finish off that unit. last night I prepared a work sample of a creative writing task I want the grade 6 kids to try ( an adventurers journal) I finished that off this morning, bound it and prepared some displays. I also started work on my first grade 4 literature unit for the term- ' James and the Giant Peach' 

Books we brought back from Tasmania to help with future work on convicts and early Hobart.
Kindergarten Teachers make a stand
Pre- school teachers will strike next month. The AEU expects over 400 preschool teachers to attend a rally in Melbourne on October 22nd.
They are paid between 5-9% less than teachers!
The government only offered them 2.25 % as a pay increase.They have had parity in the past and don't want to lose it. Employers are complaining ( there's a surprise) but negotiations have been dragging on for 14 months! the Commonwealth government dragged its pfeet ( or waited to see what public opinion said) announcing that it would subsidise preschool education for another 12 months.( That funding ensures that 4 year olds have access to 15 hours of preschool.( The state funds 10 hours and the commonwealth 5)

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