Friday, 19 September 2014


I'm really looking forward to these spring holidays. I intend to take the first week off completely.It has been many years since I've done that but I really need to do it. I'm pooped this week and want a complete break until week two of the holidays. I've already done a lot of preparation in maths and English for our early years students.
I'll put some units on TPT tomorrow but that will be the last blog entry for a while! In the second week of the holidays I do have a lot of admin to finish and cleaning, work in the library and some new units to develop for next term ( King Solomon's Mines, Holes, Murder on the Orient Express and Stig of the Dump. I also want to develop some lit units specifically for the grade 4s. There are also several science units to prepare and excursions to look forward to.) We have an overnight Camp in December and I've booked tickets for us to see The Lion King next year.
It is a VERY busy term coming up, I will be organised for it but a rest is long overdue.
Today we just took it easy. We tidied up our desks, took some of our work books home and added examples of our learning from this term to our portfolios.We had party pies and sausage rolls for lunch and dressed in Footy colors. ( Go Bombers!). We also watched the 1997 version of the Borrowers which was good but a huge departure from the book which we finished this morning. 
I'll post my units for The Borrowers and The Last of the Mohicans tomorrow.
Below is a photo of some of the kids eating their 'footy lunch' and some of our flowers that are popping up.

Also above is a photo of our Last of the Mohican's display.( PityI have to take it all down in the holidays) Also there are some photos of our library.( By no means all of our books but a reasonable view of our novels, picture story books and non-fiction library which I've posted in response to inquiries from some about our library at Glen Park.)

By the way, thank you for 27000 views. I hope people find information of use to them.

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