Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Silent Ones

It was a long day up at work today. I finished unit plans for The Wild Swans and James and the Giant Peach and started to put together material for a website re-boot.

In the afternoon a did a sample for an art task for King Solomon's Mines. I used a toothbrush to flick ( speckle) paint around a template, in this case the scene where the adventurers discover the giant statues ( The Silent Ones) guarding the mine.
I drew the background on colored cardboard and then placed the outline of the statues on the picture.

I splattered the paint around the template and then removed it. I painted another template with the statue details included.

I added a title and a description of the scene. I also added a picture of the adventurers to the foreground. I'll laminate it after I show it to the kids.
We had a big storm today which ruined the tulips. 
Below is a spring scene from Ballarat's Sturt St.

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