Friday, 7 August 2015

'Pyne in the sky'

I looked everywhere in my local Collins bookshop and couldn't find Christopher Pyne's book at all. There were lots of interesting ones about Gough and Paul Keating. In the end I bought one about the CSS Shenandoah's visit to Melbourne during the Civil War and all the problems that caused Victoria and the UK. it is called 'Australian Confederates' by Terry Smyth ( photo below) The ship's crew actually travelled to Ballarat to attend a ball in their honour! Anyway, I couldn't put Pyne's book in the horror or comedy section because it wasn't there.

I spent a few hours up at work getting organised for the next week, hopefully everyone will be fit and well. (Lots of colds and lost voices this week) I finished my Robinson Crusoe unit so I'll put that up on TPT in a few weeks time.
Meanwhile there is continued talk about Pyne re-introducing his de-regulated higher education policy when Parliament sits again.Cross-benchers have already come out again and said they will block it AGAIN and the Unis are all ready to move on. But apparently not Christopher Pyne.

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