Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Percy Jackson

The last Avengers diorama was finished today. ( Poor Iron Man ended up with a bin on his head) Due to popular demand I have started a unit for Percy Jackson which will be ready soon. We finished reading the Hobbit ( actually we listened to an excellent old BBC radio version) and I've started reading Beowulf. The grade 5s are working on their Moonstone jewel boxes.

Private secondary school falters

A Melbourne private high school has been shut down and 70 students forced to find alternative classes after an industry regulator found extensive breaches of regulations governing overseas students.

The Melbourne Senior Secondary College (MSSC), based in the CBD, failed to comply with a number of matters, including ensuring the attendance of students as required by visa regulations, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) said.

It also put pressure on teachers to pass poorly performing students, VRQA found, while expressing concern about whether the financial management of the school, which has revenues of approximately $1 million a year, was adequate.

Lots of funny ( poignant) memes about how tough my US colleagues are doing it!

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