Thursday, 27 August 2015

More pop ups.....pop up!

More Roman pop -ups including one featuring the Visigoth's sack of Rome.The leaning column was a challenge!

The grade 3 desert island maps. 

We start reading Gullivers Travels next week and we're about half way into The Eagle of the Ninth. We watched a little bit of the movie version but not much as it departs from the book too much and is a bit gory. Pity I can't get the BBC TV series of it. They made some great versions of popular books from the 60s-70s such as The Machine Gunners, Stig of the Dump and The Children of Green Knowe. ( They should re-package them on DVD for schools) 
Next week we will work on Ancient Rome. I have a few more craft activities to do too and of course there is Father's Day I think next weekend. We had a pleasant sunny day today so I gave the kids some extra play time to play outside. And few jobs to do tomorrow including finishing off my Robinson Crusoe unit.
Photos from Huff Post of a teacher's Harry Potter themed classroom. ( I like the ide of the Hogwarts letters but the rest doesn't look any better than mine did last year......I couldn't stand a theme for a whole year!

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