Friday, 29 September 2017

Grand Final Day 2017

As someone who grew up in the70s I have no love for Richmond or it's supporters at all. Nobody who grew up then could. Of course I couldn't give a damn about Adelaide so looks like I'll be washing the car this afternoon. I'm more interested in trade week to see how Essendon handles that. I hope they pick a good midfielder to help out Merret. 
Below are some random pics and thanks for the 123000 views!!!
Also selling lots on TPT lately which is great. 
I love sharing my work and making some pocket money.
Mobile book library US 1930s

Friends of the Phantom.

Don Quixote inspired.


This dog is my hero!
Ballarat's air defence.
Dudes in dresses telling us how to vote.

You go sister!!!
The Nutty Professor

Me ( on the left) over the last few weeks of last term

Holiday reading.

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