Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Labor education policy

Below is the section of the revised Labor Education policy related to rural education:

9. To support and promote access to quality education for rural and regional students.

1. Support schools that service remote and rural communities.
2. Ensure appropriate education provision in rural and remote communities to promote community cohesion and to aid and assist the viability of regional, remote and/or rural communities.
3. Ensure adequate resources and alternatives are directed to schools to ensure attracting and retention of students and families.
4. Ensure that strategies to support and promote enrolment opportunities are offered to schools in rural/regional and/or remote settings.
5. Provide adequate teaching and learning resources to support students in their learning in these settings.
6. Support these schools at a network level via collaboration and resource sharing.
7. Ensure opportunities for adult education organisations and/or sporting or other local community groups to use the school’s facilities as a shared facility where possible.

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