Saturday, 16 December 2017

Two new units. ( Last week of school about to start)


Blooms Taxonomy unit plan and teaching ideas for the four Ramose Prince of Egypt books by Carole Wilkinson. Includes graphic organisers, reading, writing activities and craft activities based on the four books in the series. This unit is tried and tested and enjoyed by the grade 3-6 students I teach.
On TPT for just $3.00
Check out Carole's website :

Japanese cover
(143000 views....HOORAY)

2017 Christmas Week Literacy
I don't normally post my Christmas Literature work. (Tasks I develop in reading mostly for my multi-age classroom in the last week or so before our Christmas breakup but this year I decided to do it. One of the reasons I don't do it is because I like to use new Christmas picture story books every year and they usually only appear once in print (unlike The Grinch) and because it is usually designed to meet the needs of individual students in my class. This year is no different but I thought what the hell, why not. This unit includes tasks also for A Christmas Carol. (I have a Christmas bundle including classics for sale on TPT at the moment) Its free so download it and have a look, maybe there is something you can pick out of it.
Find it on TPT:

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