Saturday, 23 December 2017


Well school is over for the year and tomorrow is Christmas. I've decided due to technical issues that blogger is not suitable to host Learning With Literature anymore so I'm going to start a Learning With Literature site as a Facebook page in 2018. I'll change the format and just have links to units I've created for Teachers Pay Teachers ( TPT) and some information and images about literature learning we are doing at Glen Park in 2018. Also I'll have some general Children's literature posts that might be of interest to readers and might support work TPT units I post.All old posts on the Blog going back 4 years will still all be there. I also have a Glen Park Facebook site and a page on AustLit hosted by the University of Queensland which currently holds 12 classic Australian literature units.

Our school Facebook page:
I will start the new Facebook page in the new year. Meanwhile I'll still use the blog for political and union based education posts. ( There should be a lot of them, with a state election in 2018 and a grossly incompetent and corrupt federal government also heading to the polls....hopefully soon!) 

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