Wednesday, 27 February 2013

ALP briefing

Daniel Andrews and James Merlino (Opposition Leader and Education spokesperson) visited Ballarat today and spent an hour and a half listening to principals and staff from Ballarat and surrounds discuss pressing issues in schools and getting some suggestions about future policy directions.
Daniel conceded that his party wasn't perfect in government but he is asking communities to provide ideas and issues for the alternative government to focus on in opposition.
Daniel wanted to know what the 'story of sate education' is in 2013? He believes that we have a responsibility to tell that story given the current state of a struggling government education system. issues raised included; funding cuts, contract staff, The Gonski review, the downgrading of the state system, lack of resources, cut backs to regional support, rural education issues, Ultranet, openness and transparency and the positive stories to come out of state education.Daniel said that this year was the year that the Opposition would be developing policies for the 2014 election and that he would be interested in coming back again to report on their policy development in education in 2014.

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