Thursday, 7 February 2013

Regional Directors Meeting

NSouth Western Victorian Region
Today we received information about the new Regional structure which now stretches from Footscray to the SA border including Geelong.
The new region is huge. you don't appreciate how big it is until you see it outlined on a map of Victoria. There are over 1500 principal class staff in our new region.The meeting was full and it was good to catch up with a few people I haven't seen for a while.
Malcolm talked about flexibility being increased and the fact that we are now a rural-metro region.Malcolm believes that 4 regions will enable greater synergy.We still have to address the same level of accountability as before but with alot more autonomy. The new role of the region is a partnership role with schools to help plan to meet the needs of our communities.Malcolm believes the context of our new leadership has changed but has not been completely determined yet.
Malcolm says that the new paradigm is Autonomous rule based on professional trust. (They still want to encourage collaboration

'Trust the people doing the job because hey know how to do it best.'

The structure is still being put in place.The role of regions is now to support schools to self-manage. New networks will not be determined by region and need to be driven by network principals. Although self-driven they will be supported.There is still more work to be done regarding the 'compact' and principal performance and selection.
The Secretary wants to see sharing of best practice and the effective 'marketing' of our schools.Interestingly there was an emphasis on principals to see ourselves as 'public servants'; and that 'ownliness' is essential-How do we manage things that go wrong and how do we learn from it.
Malcolm intends to create a principal reference group so hopefully principals can provide direct feedback to him and central office about how the new reforms are being rolled out and how effective they are.The new SARPP role will be a guide and advisory role.
Malcolm suggests that we develop our own 'story' -our theory of action , values,beliefs and vision. He challenged us to develop the story of our own community. (We have only recently developed new, simplified school values at Glen Park. ) Malcolm emphasised that as good leaders we need to practice integrity, communicate and provide feedback.

Just a note about this blog.As with the blog, I started on tumblr, this blog is not an official school blog ( We have a school website. A link is on this site) It is my blog about my experiences as a teaching principal in a one-teacher rural school and about state education issues. it is also a site where I can post unit plans for TPT ( Teachers Pay Teachers) and teaching ideas that can be found on my education related Pinterest boards.

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