Saturday, 23 February 2013


 Click HERE to go to a Bloom's Taxonomy literature unit for The Riddle of the Trumpalar.This is the fourth unit in a series of units I am placing on Teachers Pay Teachers. I taught this unit last year. The children loved the story and it supported a history unit I was doing on the white colonisation of Australia. There is a sequel but I couldn't find it. This is an unusual work as it was written by 3 authors. The author's name on the book is a combination of the 3 names.


Click HERE to go to the third in a series of Bloom's taxonomy literature units based on classic Australian children's fiction. I am currently teaching this unit and have just finished reading The Nargun and the Stars which the children really enjoyed. I love Patricia Wrightson's books.I will try and find some more. Also try reading The Nimbin by Jenny Wagner (We've also read that as a serial) and Walking the Boundaries.

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