Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I've just spent the last 4 days up at school sorting out some paper work, changing displays and working in the library(that took a full day!) and preparing school work for the start of second term including a literature unit on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I've decided not to get the lawn mowed at the moment, the grass is starting to take off so we'll see how it looks in a fortnight. We've had some beautiful parrots around the school the last few mornings but they're too quick for me to take a photo.
I've still got a bit more to do including loading some new apps on the student's iPads for next term. I've found some great books and maths apps as well as some apps designed for students with Aspergers.I also need to move the sand from the long jump pit into the sand pit.
Next term is going to be very busy with Somers Camp, an excursion to see King Kong, three sets of student teachers, ( We have two from the education faculty of the University of Ballarat starting on the first Friday back) an excursion to meet a scientist, two major Professional Development activities for me ( Using iPads to teach Languages Other Than English and an eSmart cyber Safety PD) plus ANZAC Day.
Photos were taken this morning around the school.

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  1. :0 ohhh I am excited - Good to know Mr Shaw,but take some time of to relax!
    Somers Camp?
    What is Somers camp about I would really like to know.