Tuesday, 9 April 2013

One thousand and Twenty visits

Just notched up over 1000 visits to this blog which is great. I hope all those who have visited have found something interesting to read or download.
I popped up to work today to get some office tasks completed. I forgot why I wasn't upset about missing the deadline to register for the Premiers Reading Challenge over the last 2 years.It is a nightmare to complete mainly because the website hasn't changed since Steve Bracks was Premier. it is so slow and clunky. I thought I'd registered everybody weeks ago but apparently NOT! So I've done it all over again but I'll have to check it tomorrow.
It was a bit smokey at work today I think they were burning off in the Wombat Forest. The haze filtered the sunlight but my photos don't really show it ( The iPad 2 doesn't have a very good camera) I also took a photo of the trees up Humffray St. Which are slowly turning yellow.
later in the week I'll be putting up that unit for Gary Crew's The Watertower, that I promised and a unit for a new series of Goosebumpish books that Puffin are publishing called the EERIE series which look ideal for grade 4-6 students.

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