Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Emails from Gary Crew

Gary Crew emailed me again today to see if I've worked out the secret to The Watertower. I' m still none the wiser. maybe the kids will be able to help me when we study the book later in the term.
here are our emails.

I've been meaning to get there for years.I'll make an effort this year!
Thanks Gary
Tony Shaw

Thanks mate, it's also reflected in Bubba's eye in the wordless page.
By the way I will be presenting at Clunes Booktown Festival in May. No
Program is available yet, but I will be there on 4/5 May if you want tocatch up.
Cheers, Gary

Thanks Gary for posing more questions than answers!
It's also there in the black and white picture of Bubba sitting by thetree.
We will be doing work on your books later in the term ( after Shane
and Moonfleet ) so I'll let you know what they come up with.
Tony Shaw

Hey, cool. My thoughts are these: you can see the rake thing through
the broken fence from the very beginning of the book. Note too that
it moves up behind Bubba without any evidence of mechanical aid.
Therefore it could be an (extraterrestrial) life form??????. Note
also that Bubba sees something on the top of the tank. and that the
tank is 'egg shaped'. Could the rake thing or another rake thing on
top of the tank be actually hatching out of this extra terrestrial
egg and that has taken over the town finally including Bubba... It
works if you think
about it. The kids certainly will.
Just random thoughts. Let me know if you need more.
Bests, Gary

Hi Gary
I've put the unit on my blog and Teachers Pay Teachers. I've also
ordered the various sequels from Ballarat Books. I read the article
you sent , I found an interesting one about using literature to teach
inference and one on teaching visual literacy ( From Hennessy
College) on the net. I have no idea what the rake thing is unless its
like the arms that shot out of the Martian tripods that snatched up
people and put them into steal nets to be relieved of their blood
(War of the Worlds) or is it more like the Invasion of the Body
Snatchers or even some sort of Picnic at Hanging Rock event??
Tony Shaw

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