Friday, 12 April 2013

Two new FREE units on TPT

Click HERE to go to this unit in TPT (It's free)

This is a unit plan (teaching ideas) for The Watertower . It is a 1994 children's picture book by the  prolific multi-award winning Australian author Gary Crew and illustrated by Steven Woolman. This gothic science fiction story takes place in a small rural town called Preston. The book explores bizarre fantasy and raises more questions than answers. A thought provoking picture book which Gary Crew is renowned for. Also included are teaching ideas for another of Crew’s book ‘The Windmill’.I will be teaching this unit in term 3.

Click HERE to go to this unit on TPT (also free)

Puffin are currently releasing the ‘Eerie’ series of readers (4 have been released as of April 2013 with more to come) in Australia. They are designed to appeal to reluctant readers grade 3-6 (and older) who are attracted to Goosebumps style horror books. For non-Australian readers of the blog the books should be available directly from Puffin or eventually through Amazon. This is a selection of English activities and writing ideas for the first 4 books in the series. I’ll have my grade five students read these and complete the tasks over 3 weeks.

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