Friday, 25 October 2013

Chalk pastels

The children made chalk pastel pictures of Oz using bright and unusual color combinations for trees and sky and of course adding the yellow brick road. We just finished The Marvellous Land of Oz. I think the girls found the fact that Mombi had disguised Princess Ozma as the boy Tip a bit 'creepy'. We will start reading Conan Doyle's Lost World ( the unit is already on TPT) to finish off our unit on classic science fiction. The grade 6 students might like to go on and read Dinotopia. ( My unit plan for that is on the school's website. I received very encouraging feedback on that from the author, James Gurney. He has it on his Blog as well.) I will also read an abridged version of John Whyndam's The Day of the Triffids that I recently found in a 'bargain bin'. I was a big fan of his writing long ago and read most of it. Chocky was my favourite. I'll also try to read New Zealander Maurice Gee's Under the Mountain as part of a science unit on space.Below are photos of the chalk pastel pictures ( I forgot how messy they are) and the sequencing tasks we finished for The Time Machine. Next week we'll try drawing a map of Oz. It should be interesting given that F.L. Baum had continuity problems himself when he wrote his Oz sequels.

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