Thursday, 24 October 2013

Time Machine sequence tasks

We finished reading Time Machine as a serial today. ( Along with the Invisible Man it is my favourite HG Wells story. I'd love to read an abridged version of The First Men in the Moon and The Island of Dr. Moreau but haven't found any. Both have excellent movie versions. The Michael York version of the Island of Dr Moreau is excellent. I don't know if it is on DVD.The Marlon Brando version was a bit trippy. Sort of a combination of Apocalypse Now and Planet of the Apes.)
The kids completed sequencing activities and tomorrow will create their own time machine models and a display of what future generations might consider to be a typical exhibit of life in 2013. Experience of visiting Melbourne Museum and integrating with their displays of the 1890s and 1960s should help guide them. We have started watching the Rod Taylor DVD version of the story today.

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