Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wizard of Oz art

We are watching Return to Oz on DVD this afternoon. It is a good movie with a good cast and remarkable pre- CGI special effects from Disney circa early 80s. It is not quite Marvellous Land of Oz but it does introduce some of the characters from that story. ( Mombi, Jack and the Gump) other characters like the Nome King, Wheelers and Tick Tok appeared in other sequels. We have been completing Oz art work this week ( see pictures below) the 2 grade 3 girls are showing off their Oz balloons and there are images of the scarecrow farm scene( children drew a picture of an American style barn and they colored them in with chalk pastels, they painted the background by marbling using a variety of colors other than blue. We used step by step instructions we found on Pinterest to draw scarecrows using wax crayons or colored pencils and we used water colors to paint the crop the scarecrow is protecting.) When everything was put together the pictures looked great.

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