Saturday, 19 October 2013

Story Book Saturday

There is a Storybook Linkup on Paula's Place here is my book for this week

Join Dorothy and her friends in this enchanting adventure in the Land of Oz, in a 3D POP-UP format
The Wizard of Oz is a POP-UP with sensational 3D graphics, a multitude of interactive elements and original sound effects and music.
With this book you can enjoy the entertaining journey of Dorothy from Kansas to the the fantasy world of Oz, where she meets new friends and visit the great Wizard of Oz.
  •   POP-UP format. Enjoy the original interactive 3D scenes that burst from the book.
  •   Use the accelerometer in the interactive scenes.
  •   Minigame: complete the maze by moving the device.
  •  ‘Read to me’ or ‘Read it myself’.
  •  Incorporates entertaining songs, sound effects and original music.
  •  Sensational colourful 3D graphics.
  •  A multitude of interactive elements to touch and move in the POP-UP scenes
There are loads of other great apps but this one is the most popular with my students (who are studying The Wizard of Oz at the moment and we have started reading The Marvelous Land of Oz as a serial ) There are 'slot games' (avoid those) a 'spot the difference' which is fairly basic and of the Ubiquitous 'hidden picture' apps. There is also a TabTale  app called The Wizard of Oz which features lots of puzzles and games (screen shot below)

Random House also has an excellent storybook app.This interactive app boasts two separate ways to experience the adventure with vivid illustrations throughout, creating a rich new world of storytelling. - See more at: 
(Screen shot below. The illustrations are terrific and reminiscent of Winslow's original illustrations.

Warner Brothers have an excellent app which my children love called 'The Wizard of Oz Game'. In the game you can build your very own Munchkinland and customize, feed and play with your Munchkins with natural gesture controls and beautiful retina display graphics custom-made for  iPads.(see screenshot below)

Also all of Baum's books can be found on an app to download. Visit the app store and browse because there are a huge number of apps of varying quality most are free or under $2.00.

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