Tuesday, 16 August 2016

BFG suitcase

The grade 6 kids finished off their perspective pictures today and they turned out really well.

Today they worked on their journals which will hopefully be finished tomorrow. Their journals are key assessment items for me in student writing.
Disturbingly... One of my students has Donald Trump as her bad guy! Apparently in her journal he rigs the US election and teams up with Putin to destroy the world!
My grade 3 student is finishing her BFG unit by making a dream collecting suitcase. She is filling it with dream bottles, dream blower, map, compass and other bits and pieces.

Oh.....and a snozzcumber!
My grade 2 girl is finishing her Emperor's New Clothes work and will be starting on a picture story book unit on Angus and the Ducks and Millions of Cats. 
Today I created a sample of the 'clean little house' the old man and woman lived in.
It turned out well. I also did some work on my classic American picture book bundle and this week I'll update my Heidi unit. 
My grade 2 girl working in her Angus and the Ducks pop up scene.
I also took the opportunity to do our read to self out in the sun and did a bit of weeding in our veggie garden.

Problem is I had trouble telling the weeds from the plants!!!

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