Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Christmas Carol

Among New New York Public Library's  most treasured Dickensian artefacts ( they also have his letter opener) are prompt copies of A Christmas Carol the classic 1843 novella, which blends elements of science fiction, philosophy, mysticism, satire, and cultural critique to tell a timeless story about the benevolence of the human spirit and our heartening capacity for transformation and self-transcendence.
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Neil Gaiman, champion of the creative life, man of discipline, adviser of aspiring writers, contemplator of genius — read one of the greatest writers of all time, in exactly the way Dickens intended for his classic work to be read, based on the annotations and directions in that precious NYPL prompt copy of A Christmas Carol.

You can listen to Gaiman's performance on Sound Cloud from this link:

From Maria Popov

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