Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Japanese in 2017

Last day this year for Italian and Japanese. Simone will be back next year to teach Japanese ( our 2017 Japanese calendars below and the kids made New Years cards with Japanese messages in them) in 2017 which is fantastic. I will post our Dickens bundle on TPT on Sunday. This morning I emailed off my 2016 PDP, 2016 AIP, 2017-30 Strategic Plan and 2017 AIP to my SEIL. 
So that big job is done! 
Our prep is popping in tomorrow for another visit. She might stay for a while and make a magic pudding!
 I dropped off flyers and brochures at a local supermarket and got a great response so I'll print more and drop off some in Ballarat next week.
 I'm all organised for camp on Friday- Saturday and will try to post some photos if I can find some wifi!

I don't do a lot of Christmas work unless we are doing Christmas literature such as A Christmas Carol ( although The Giant Under the Snow was set during Christmas) but tomorrow we have a day of Christmas craft to do which should be fun!

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