Friday, 16 December 2016


Photos from our Warrnambool camp #1

The last 2 years we have gone on an adventure camp but too many kids were afraid of heights so I decided this year to do a more traditional camp. I tossed up whether to go to Echuca, Phillip Island or Warrnambool. The photos show us at Flagstaff Hill historic park which fits in well with work we did this year. We also went to the beach and also walked along the cliff top to Thunder Bay. 

We visited the whale watching area but it's the wrong time of the year for migrating whales. After a delicious dinner at our motel we went to the Flagstaff Hill sound and laser show based on the wreck of the Loch Ard. 

On the second day we walked in and around the extinct volcano at Tower Hill. We saw wallabies, emus and a koala. We also went to Port Fairy. We walked down the spit and around the fishing boats and saw a kangaroo having a swim! After lunch we returned home. It was a great camp and the kids had a terrific time.

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