Saturday, 31 December 2016

800 posts in 2016

Well, over 800 posts in 2016 and I was going to cut back! 
That was a big year! Putting Brexit, Trump and Turnbull aside ( Brexit was an hilarious own-goal, Turnbull was always going to win but is a 'dead man walking' but Trump however is a genuine worry!) the biggest concerns in education are the lies about Gonski and the anticipated dismantling of public education in the US post Trump. ( that will be worth watching because the far-right in Australia get their cues from the US right.) 
Glen Park had a giant year. A year of review and a new strategic plan is a big deal in any school but a giant task in a one teacher school. We did it well though, getting lots of praise from our reviewer. DET doesn't understand what it takes. They are in full 'tick the box' mode which is very frustrating and for me just continues the isolation and frustration. But I get things done as I always do and have always done.
I thought this year might have been a problem but it turned out ok, one of my better years at Glen Park. The kids were engaged and motivated and did well. My grade 2 made great strides, my grade 3 did exceptionally well in NAPLAN, one of my grade 6 kids got a scholarship for 2017 and the other really blossomed. ( my teen library mostly comprises of books she devoured in 2016) 
It will be challenging for us in 2017. More promotion will be needed to increase our enrolments but we will have loads of excursions, gym, swimming, our volunteers will return, Simone will return with LOTE and Alison will be back. As far as Learning with Literature is concerned. We should notch up 100000 views in 2016. I will cut back on blog posts but increase Facebook posts and start a Learning With Literature Twitter account. I will also be keeping an eye of DeVos and public education in the US, Turnbull and Abbott's Gonsku lies, May's cutbacks to U.K. Education and general pressures on state education from the far right.I'll also be monitoring the lame 'education state' here in Victoria, the Fiskville Inquiry dead end and important rural education issues which continue to be ignored by the state and commonwealth. 
Looking forward to 2017 like most other people.
Goodbye 2016
Hot cross buns in Coles today!!!!!
You bet!!!!

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