Sunday, 19 August 2018

Ardern leads and Birmingham fumbles

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave an impromptu speech in attempt to rally the support of teachers who were protesting outside Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

She wasn't scheduled to show up, but told the crowd of thousands that when she saw them streaming onto the grounds she "couldn't not" speak to them.

"You are all here because you are passionate about kids, and you know as we know that the education system has the power to overcome so many of the issues and challenges we face as the country," she said.

Ms Ardern told them that she was Minister for Children because her motivation in politics is kids, just as it was for teachers in their careers.

She asked them to work with the Government as they tried to move negotiations forward.

"The last speaker said we need radical change - yes; I guess the only point we would make is unfortunately, sometimes radical change takes time."

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