Monday, 2 December 2013

Jenna Finishing Up Today and an Education About Face

My student teacher, Jenna Smith finished up today. She completed her work with the grade 3 students and had a sharing session along with an Alice and Wonderland Tea Party.
Children shared their stories, projects, models, poems, newspaper stories and comics.
( Photos from the Tea Party below)

The Prime Minister and his Education Minister announced another u-turn on school funding and will be working assiduously to dig themselves out of the arrogant hole they dug themselves into over the last few weeks.
Today Abbott said he'd go back to the 4 year funding deal he said he'd agreed too before and during the election.This is his third position on this in a week.This was a breach of trust. He keeps talking about $ 1.2 billion taken out of Gonski but that was money allocated to the states that didn't sign up. If they didn't sign up they simply don't get the money. How is that a spending shortfall? He also talked about the Labor South Australian Government taking $200 million out of education but didn't discuss the Victorian Liberal Government taking out $600 million dollars from education and over $1 billion from TAFE!
They are making up their policy as they go along. They have no clear purpose of what they intend to do because they never really had an education policy. They simply grafted themselves onto the previous government's policy.
The Minister was on the 7:30 report tonight and looked far from convincing. We have a 2 tier system with some states getting a better deal than others.Under his plan some of the states won't have to put in their own extra spending on education while others do.
Hopefully they won't botch the implementation of their version of the Gonski reforms. Public school teachers, principals, students and their families will be watching them carefully to ensure that there are no further backflips.

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