Saturday, 7 December 2013


I had a big day today for a Saturday!
I got to school very early and started on my reports. I haven't had to write 12 reports for quite a while and I was surprised by how long it took to craft the words exactly as I wanted. We completed On Demand testing on Friday ( The tests are now AusVELS friendly although there aren't as many as before at present. VELS tests I did at the start of the year I couldn't do this time around. The comparison would have been interesting to see but nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did.)Combined with NAPLAN tests, my own tests and observations and student work samples ( I took down student work that has been on display this term and filled up their portfolios. I hope parents go through their children's portfolios as some of their school work has been outstanding, as readers of this blog will already know.) I had a wealth of data to use when making my teacher judgements.
Of course some of the reports didn't print ( What would it be like at this time of year if the reports printed off without a hitch!) so hopefully I can finish it off after some tweaking next weekend! I also took the opportunity to get enrolments kits organised for next years preps who are visiting on Transition day on the 10th.
They were burning off around the school this morning as a precaution for the bushfire season (Refer to the photo below) I also took some photos of the Christmas decorations down Sturt St in Ballarat. it was a lovely sunny day today and I also took a photo of the front of the school after our grounds were mowed on Friday.

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