Wednesday, 4 December 2013

QR Codes

My grade 6 boy loves setting little tasks for his classmates to do using technology. Today he created QR Codes for his peers to scan using their iPad QR Code scanner app to solve little puzzles he created. He set up two teams and had them competing against each other. At the moment I've got him creating a ' How to do it' booklet for software and apps that he is an expert with so that his vast knowledge isn't lost to us when he goes off to secondary school next year.The pictures below show the kids scanning hidden codes that were placed around the room.

I've just got back from a concert put on this evening by the Intermediate Band at Phoenix College ( formerly Sebastopol Secondary College) made up of grade 5 and 6 students from a variety of Ballarat schools and schools from around Ballarat including one of our students. The performance was excellent. I was very impressed with the dedication and commitment of the students. My grade 5 student's performance was superb. She is a very talented clarinet player. I was very proud of her as was her mother. I hope she continues with it next year as she showed great poise and proficiency.

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