Sunday, 8 December 2013

Working through the list

Santa isn't the only one with a list this time of year. I have a big list of my own this time every year that I need to work though otherwise I end up in strife. After a few more hours up at work this morning I've got through most of my list this weekend.
This week the grade 3s will be doing work on Peter Pan ( I've nearly finished the book as a serial) and the senior girls will be working on The Railway Children. ( We finished the book and We're half way through the movie) I always read A Christmas Carol (a bit of a tradition) so I'll read that as a serial when I finish Peter Pan and we'll have a week of Christmas activities to finish off the school year.
I took a photo this morning of the White Swan which is on the side of the reservoir near the school ( I'll try to take a better photo) and I also took a photo of one of the City's Christmas decorations which seems to be some sort of tunnel around the Burke and Wills fountain. That has always been a bit ironic given that Burke and Wills died of thirst. (For those who are unaware, Burke and Wills were inept inland explorers who wandered up the centre of Australia in the 1860s but actually died of exhaustion and starvation on the banks of Cooper's Creek.)
Now up to 13 000 views!

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