Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Christmas Carol

We've just finished reading a Christmas Carol and we're watching the Jim Carey version of it.( I have a copy of the Mr. McGoo version which I might watch.....'ahh Mc Goo, you've done it again') and we've started some work on it. ( below is a photo of one of my students completing a literary sociogram) We completed a 'Y Chart' of Scrooge's bedroom when Marley arrives and a Venn diagram comparing Scrooge at the start of the story and at the end. The early years students watched the Polar Express ( refer photo) after reading it and then they designed a railway ticket for a trip to the North Pole and their first Y Chart about travelling in a steam train. (refer to Paula's Place blog and shop name on TPT for access to a terrific Polar Express unit - shawpaula.blogspot.com)

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